New or prospective players often ask similar questions to yours. Here's a list of the commonly asked questions.

  1. Do you have a junior club?

  • I'm afraid we don't offer a junior section. All our members tend to be adults playing at intermediate or advanced standard.

  1. My son/daughter is really good and would like the opportunity to advance their skills, can they still play?

  • Any player of a intermediate or advanced standard is welcome to come along and play.

Please note that there's quite a large step between junior and senior playing standards and whilst younger players are welcome it may knock their confidence playing at a higher standard.

  1. Does your club offer coaching?

  • We don't offer coaching as there's no time within the busy club nights. However there are other local badminton coaches that Forest BC have had alliances with in the past, so try contacting:

Gee-Him Siu

Phil Traynor

Dave Edgar

We don't monitor how much each coach charges so please contact them direct to find out.

We also suggest geting in touch with either the Badminton Association of England or Cheshire Badminton

  1. Do you play with plastic or feather shuttles?

  • We always play with feather shuttles at club nights and in all the matches. These are supplied as part of your guest fee or membership.

  1. Do you hire out the badminton courts or badminton racquets?

  • No we don't own the facilites and players are expected to have their own racquets.